The Importance of Optimizing Websites For Mobile

Technology has made everything available for us on a small mobile phone. There is hardly anything left which we are able to access on the desktops and are not able to access on the mobile phones. At present, people use smartphones more than their desktops or laptops. So, when a user will open a website on their phone, they want the website to load quickly and to show all the contents available on the website easily. However, if the website will take time in opening or if the website is not properly displaying the content, the user will leave your website in just a few minutes only.

The maximum number of traffic which any website is getting is from the mobile users only. So, if your website is not mobile optimized, you may lose the traffic on your website. Because if the users will not get a better and optimized experience on your website, it will take them just a few seconds to leave your website and move to another one. To provide the maximum benefit to the users, the website owners need to take necessary steps for making their website optimized. Be it the screen size of the website, design of the website, speed of loading the page, or the structure of the website, all this need to be taken care of. 

Importance of Optimizing Websites for Mobile 

Let’s learn why it is important for every web owner to optimize their websites for mobile or smartphones.

  1. Mobile users can increase traffic – Everyday the number of mobile users is increasing. Thanks to the mobile companies and service providers, that it has become easy for every mobile owner to access the internet over the mobile phone. One can access any website over mobile phones very easily. According to research, it has been mentioned that mobile users are more active on the internet or different websites in comparison to desktop users. They are accessing websites while commuting to home or work, in their free time, while watching TV, while eating food and at many such times. It takes a few seconds only for a website to load on the mobile phone. This means more and more users will visit your website through mobile phone if your website is optimized. This will help in generating more traffic to your website. In fact the majority of web browsers today are on mobile devices. The numbers are even larger in certain niches such as adult and explicit sites. This is why adult dating companies and fuck buddy sites like fuckbook, choose to focus their interface to be heavily optimized for mobile. They know that the majority of their users that are looking for a local hookup are doing so from their smartphones and tablets not their desktops.
  2. Increase Sales – Most of the websites these days are selling some of the products and services. We all love to check things over mobile phones and buying things online. When it comes to buying things online, mobile phones are the best way to do it. As you can easily access the thousands of products on a website in just one second. No matter where you are, you can make the use of your mobile phones in buying things. But this is only possible if your website is mobile-optimized. It is not easy for mobile owners to keep patience while shopping for things online. So, if your website has smooth navigation, sorted menu, and good website design, it will attract users and will increase the sales also. But if the website has complicated designs and menu options, the users will leave your website without making any transaction. So, make sure that you have a simple yet attractive and engaging mobile website, which can help in increasing the sale of your website.
  3. Increases brand engagement – Do you want to increase the engagement for your brand? If yes, then the only better way to do is to make a mobile-optimized website. As we have a greater number of mobile users these days accessing the internet, it will hardly take them a few seconds to reach your brand. If the users have a better experience on your website and they find it good, they will come back to your website. If the users are being able to get what they were looking for on your website easily, it will make their website or shopping experience on your website better. Even if they were looking for some information on your website and if they are able to get it easily, there are maximum chances of them visiting your website again. And they may also recommend your website to other users. 

How do you make a mobile-optimized website?

As we just read above that why it is important to have a mobile-optimized website. Now, let’s know how to optimize the mobile website to make the users experience a better one.

  1. Website Design – When you design a website, do not just think that you are designing it for the desktop. Keep in mind, that, you need to keep the design of the website mobile friendly also. We do understand that mobile screens are not as big as the desktop screens, because of the limited display space they have. So, one should keep in mind while putting the elements on a website, that how it will look on the website. Is the website design suitable for the mobile phone or not? Is the content on the website visible clearly to the users or not? Try to make a website design that matches the requirement of both the mobile website and desktop website version.
  2. Make navigation easy – The navigation on the website should be kept easy for easy access to the website. Think from your perspective, what would you like to visit a website, which has complicated navigation. No users would like to stay on a website scrolling through pages or checking menu options to get the desired thing. If the users are not being able to navigate easily on the website and are not able to find what they need in a few seconds, they will move to your competitor’s website.
  3. Compressed Images and Icons – It often happens that when we open a website, we are not being able to see the full images on the mobile site. It is because the images on the website are too big that we have to scroll to see it. So, if you are making a website that is visible on mobile phones too, make use of the compression tools. It will help in compressing the images and the icons on the website, to give full and clear visibility of the images on the website.

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Online Schools to Learn Web Design and Development

If you are planning to make your career in web design and development, you need to choose the best school or institute to learn them. At present, there are a number of universities and schools which offer online web designing and development course. There are tutorials available online for learning web designing and development. However, it is not useful, until and unless you gain complete knowledge about the courses. And that is only possible when you go for a degree or diploma course for web designing and development. Do not worry that an online web designing, and development degree will help in making your future or not. As these days everything happens on the web only. People are bringing their business also online and are trying to make the maximum utilization of the web. This is leading to an increase in the business of web designing and web development. So, just choose the right online school for learning web designing and web development. Below, we have listed some of the best online schools and institutes from all over the world for learning web design and development.

byu bs in web development

Brigham Young University – This university is located in Rexburg, Idaho. This university offers an online or a distance learning bachelor’s degree programs of Science in Web Design & Development. It is said to be one of the most beneficial web design and development program which one can study. If we consider the cost also, so it is an affordable option, as the annual tuition fees are less than $5,000.

Bellevue University – It is in Bellevue, Nebraska. The online Bachelor of Science in Web Development course in this university is designed for helping the student who wants to make their career in the field of web development. This online degree program is designed by leading web developers. If you wish to do this program completely online, you can do it online. Or else, this university also offers the combination of online classes and on-campus classes for learning the course. The tuition fees for this bachelor’s degree will cost you around $7752.

Arizona State University – It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The online program offered by this university is a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Information Technology. This is a full distance learning program which is meant for learning the web and graphic designing. If you want to make your career as a graphic designer, this online course is suitable for you. This course will cost you around $10, 792.

University of Maryland – This university is in Adelphi, Maryland. The students who wish to make their career in the different fields related to web designing and web development can pursue the online Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Web Technology Online. The different career options one can go for after learning this course are web developer, webmaster, web application developer, graphic designer, and many other similar job positions. The University of Maryland offers the course study online, on-campus classes, and both online and on-campus together as well. The total cost for this online bachelor’s program is less than $10,000.

Franklin UniversityFranklin University is in Columbus, Ohio. The university offers a Bachelor of Science in Web Development program for the students who want to learn web development through an online school. However, this university helps the students a lot by making their learning experience better using the real-world graphic design and web development guidance Franklin University also offers the online master’s program for the same domain. The tuition fees for learning this bachelor’s program will cost around $12,241.

University of Phoenix – This university is in Tempe, Arizona. It offers the bachelor’s degree of Science in Information Technology: Multimedia Development Certification. The course includes all the components that one can learn by doing a traditional program for web design and development. This online course helps the students in learning the digital designing in a much better way. You can do this online course in around $9608.

Other than the above-mentioned online schools and universities, there are many more International schools and universities that can help you in learning the web design and development in a better way. Like the Hodges University, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Academy of Art University, and many others.…

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