Building A Website With Wix

Majorly all the business ventures or any individual who wants to start up their business needs a professional and attractive website. This is an absolute necessity for the people in this generation. A website is a platform to display your products and services and communicate directly with the customer. All the advertising, marketing, and customer care services can also be provided on a single website and to make your website a multitasking one, all you need is a tool which is “Wix”. Here is a step-by-step procedure of making a website all by yourself. Apart from just focusing on how to create the entire website, we will also make sure that you advertise your products or services well using Wix.

Create a Design & Strategy for your website

When you start making your website you need to make sure who your target client is? You need to make proper research of their interests, their lifestyle, their business, and all the things or products which influence their life. After you are done with the research regarding your clients, now you need to research regarding the organizations or for the individual who has the same product or service which you have. So you need to be well versed with your competitors as well. You need to have concrete research on their weaknesses and strengths. The colors, the vocabulary, the style, and appearance of the website plays a huge role in attracting your customers so always choose them wisely. It’s always good to have a caption for your business name and also a mission and vision statement. The response of your customers will be directly proportional to the quality of videos, images, the content, and the slogans which you use on your website. These factors give your brand identity. There is a very huge collection of website templates available and you can choose among these according to your need. After you choose a template you can customize that template by changing the color schemes, the shapes, the font size, and you can edit the images, links, audio-video and make it look more beautiful and professionals too. To enhance the overall aesthetics, you can add a variety of features in media by choosing the best colors, themes, images, and fonts.

Prioritize Search Engines

An aesthetically beautiful yet non-functional website will not fetch you good results. The website always has to be eye-catchy and provide an amazing user experience. Only if the website has an amazing user experience, the customers you will love to visit the website again and again. The structure of the website should be intuitive and clear for optimal website navigation. The process of navigation between the subpages and different pages has to be effortless. The design of the website should be arranged hierarchically in such a way that any user can navigate between the links for the pages according to their interest. The emphasis of the important elements through color and size is one of the most prominent aspects to be considered while you are planning your website layout. If a customer lands on your website and wants to subscribe your service then the button for subscribe mast be eye-catchy and well emphasized on the page. The discounts and the free services provided by the website will attract the customers so this calls-to-action (CTAs) messages should be emphasized well. The font used on the website must be readable and the colors should be visually pleasing. It is a good idea to add all your social media links and also the contact information at the footer of the website. To know about the current services and products any user will search on Google with a few keywords and then Google will display a list of websites according to the keywords used and this process happens when you consider the search engine optimization. According to where your website ranks on the list by Google the user will land on your website. Before dealing with the search engine optimization you need to carefully choose the keywords and research on what kinds of keywords will the user use while trying to search the products or services which your website provides. There are a lot of sites like Moz and others with helpful tools.

Make it look professional & easy to use on any devices

To make your website look professional you can also take help of the professionals by booking an appointment with Wix. Different users will opt for different devices to view your website and you need to design your website in such a way that it can be accessible by using any electronic gadget. There is an option called mobile editor which automatically converts the design which is made for the desktop into a design which will work on the mobile phones, tabs & many more.…

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